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The Pain

More than 7 billion people inhabiting the earth. Approximately 80% live on less than $10 per day in Developing Countries. 


There is a lack of access to the tools to participate in the new world digital economy. Whether rich or Poor, black or white, we all share a common denominator and that’s our addiction to mobile technology to manage our daily existence. The same holds true for Developing Communities worldwide.


Post pandemic has increased global poverty by as much as half a billion people (8% of the total population). The first-time poverty has increased globally in 30 years, since 1990

(UNU World Institute for Development Economics research).

The Killer Solution

PKVC Fund believes the future of a sustainable economy and society is giving everyone access to the mobile app tools that enable services like, banking, cross border transactions, payments, micro-lending, microinsurance, virtual learning/education, tele-medicine, gaming, entertainment, tourism, content streaming, and gig work in Developing Communities, especially, post COVID-19, the ‘new normal’.
Image by Donny Jiang
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