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PKVC Fund is a hybrid venture Seed/Series A fund that supports startups in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, and USA building dynamic mobile first apps in five areas of significance for the “Micro-Society”.

The hybrid nature of the fund is an investment in mobile apps that contribute to PKVC Fund’s "RPAAS ‘SUPER APP" platform through API to a growing customer acquisition marketing model that’s designed to accelerate adoption and revenue generation.

Our goal is to increase the probability of successful startups in communities worldwide by developing a highly targeted self-sustaining ecosystem participating in the social impact and financial inclusion of the global economy.

Our Mission

PKVC Fund’s mission is to be the biggest investor in startups that build KILLER mobile applications for the empowerment of Developing Communities to participate in the global economy. “We believe the next generation of great companies are building a “MICRO-SOCIETY” of sustainable growth through social, financial, and psychological impact initiatives creating unprecedented affordable access to technology while generating exponential returns to our stakeholders and Limited Partners.


We call this new paradigm “INCLUSIVE CAPITALISM.” ~ Herb Gibson

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