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PainKillers, Vitamins & Cures Fund  

By now, you’re probably wondering why Pain Killers, Vitamins, and Cures as a name for a fund?
Let me explain…This actually has nothing to do with investing in pharmaceuticals, magic pills, or elixirs and everything to do with how and why startups make it or even become ‘Unicorns’.

My name is Herb Gibson, visionary and experienced startup entrepreneur,
In my journey, I was introduced to the evaluation of concepts and early-stage companies with the proverbial question: “Does this company/concept kill pain, provide a cure, or is it a vitamin?”
In other words, solve an undeniable problem that is so compelling and can rapidly scale with the right resources, product fit and people willing to pay a premium for it. The ‘Killer App’! Or, does it just create efficiencies like faster,
better, cheaper with some investment behind it? Hence, a Vitamin…

The Cures are the moonshot ideas that take lots of resources and energy to bring to market over time,
but they effectively change society like Facebook and Tesla cars for example.

“We believe the next generation of great companies are building a “MICROSOCIETY” of sustainable growth through social, financial, and psychological impact initiatives creating unprecedented affordable access to technology while generating exponential returns to our stakeholders and Limited Partners. We call this new paradigm "INCLUSIVE CAPITALISM.” 
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Fintech & Insurtech
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Industry 03
Virtual Learning
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Gaming, Content & Entertainment
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